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ID 134745

Robert Eanes

Founder at Pingboard

ID 300646

Christopher Piedmonte


Extensive experience forming and nurturing technology startups. Entrepreneur-inventor with 8 granted patents in data management and internet technologies.

ID 28282

Howard Marks


co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @acclaim-games (sold to @playdom). Founder and managing partner @startenginela LA's largest accelerator.

ID 95878

Brad Fults

I build excellent things for the web.

ID 107360

Arjun Banker


Former @facebook platform and tools engineer. Previously @zillow, @microsoft.

ID 50025

A.T. Fouty

Director of Engineering / RunTitle 12 years building scalable software systems M.S. Computer Science

ID 17782

Matt Langan

Product guy with a history of design, development, and marketing. Equal parts tactician and strategist.

ID 4908

Andrew Hunter

Founder/CEO Volume11 Media, Founder/CEO Gambit Labs, Co-founder Kickflip, angel investor, startup mentor

ID 47437

D. Keith Casey Jr.

User-focused technologist and developer, Professional agitator, Former @twilio Evangelist, BSEE from #1 Engineering School: @rose-hulman-institute-of-technology

ID 160133

Allen Rohner

Founder, CTO, @circle-4. Machine Learning background. Clojure contributor. 2nd time entrepreneur. Tech Lead of 4 products and 30 engineers @crossroads-systems .

ID 113942

Brandon DuRette


Co-founder JustGolf • Lead developer / architect at @appconomy and @smart-bear • Division General Manager @smart-bear • SB CS from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 53532

Darwin Ling


Founder @thump-games •Chief Architect at @jaxtr, Sr Director @skyfire ( Acquired by Opera ), Hacker/Data Nerd, BS/MS @purdue-university , MBA @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 170184

Matt Buck

I teach people to make Internets at @makersquare, formerly at @massrelevance, @rapid7, and several others • Full-stack (Rails) developer • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 249062

Michael Agustin

i build expressive products. co-founder & ceo of @weaver-labs. co-founder of @gamesalad, responsible for 21% of app store monthly game uploads. masters from @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 144803

Aaron Longnion

Founder @refynr-1 • Worked at @homeaway, @adobe-systems • Studied at University of North Texas

ID 70056

Adam Michela


Designer & Developer · Made things at @dropbox, @facebook, @gowalla, @new-york-times, etc.

ID 6099

Cyril Moutran


Cofounder at feedly. Partner at Makers Camp.

ID 209044

David Lemley

Founder&CTO @tabbedout; Strong in architecture, implementation; also involved in biz dev and fund raising activities.

ID 211905

Chris Weaver

Experienced hands-on startup guy. Technical chops. Business mind. I solve customer pains with tech that works.

ID 118887

Aaron Longnion

Founder @refynr • Worked at @homeaway, @adobe-systems • Studied at University of North Texas

ID 326934

Vivek Karuturi

Student @university-of-texas-austin . Most recently @facebook. Hacker Lounge + HackTX creator.

ID 78262

Ryan Michael

Pursuing elegance, currently @return-path

ID 137199

Adam Hilss

Founder at @apollo-vibes @soundtap. Machine learning and infrastructure at @google. BSE in CS at Michigan, MS in CS at Texas. NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

ID 186087

Adrian Tavares

Designer, developer. Founder, developer at One Solstice. Worked at @zappos, @ness-computing Studied at @university-of-texas-austin

ID 154107

Cullen Wilson


Co-Founder & CTO at Lomaki. Previously co-founded Partnered & WPEngine. yCombinator S12.

ID 61999

Faraaz Ismail

ID 173903

Peter Fossick


ID 165794

Sol Garger

Web developer and product manager. Currently working as a software engineer in Austin and also on a project of my own.

ID 54934

Jon Allen

Physicist specializing in distributed computation, scalability, graph processing, machine learning and PDE stability problems. Senior Data Scientist at @grockit.

ID 90918

Peter M. Elias

Founded successful web company in college. Founded Full stack engineer and polyglot with 12 years exp. Babson E-Tower Alumn ('08-'12)

ID 447926

Forrest Dukes

Project Management Intern @ Phunware

ID 387758

Kenneth Murphy

Carnegie Mellon CS/HCI, Graduating 2014, Worked at Pinterest, Adobe. Front-end Engineer and Designer.

ID 3751

John Sung Kim


Founder @five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN). Founder @doctorbase

ID 299440

Faraaz Ismail

Ruby and Rails developer, UT Austin Computer Science student, previous OtherInbox/Return Path intern,

ID 205017

Sebastian Bruce

Founder @networklift • Worked at @thread-1, @balderdash • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 34841



Co-Founder @runcode @RCIT @Kyuda Ops and Finance @amazon @ge, @photobucket, @RebateNetworks. Angel Investor. Self-taught Engineer PhD in Finance, Uni. Mannheim

ID 107905

Dusty Jones

Co-Founder TrueAbility. MS Technology Commercialization, BS Mechanical Engineering. Ruby programmer. Worked at Freescale, @rackspace, and @teamsnap

ID 136844

Lyle Pratt

Software Developer, Entrepreneur, Founder of Better Voicemail. BS Economics, MBA, MS.

ID 148096

Austin Louden

Software Engineering Intern @pinterest. Formerly @stagebloc, @otherinbox.

ID 162054

Richard M. Bagdonas


Co-founder and CTO at @mahana, founder and CTO at @subtledata. co-founder and COO at Remote Operations, and founder and Executive Director at Operation Turkey.

ID 296750

Benjamin Papillon

Worked at @umbel, @capitalfactory • Studied at @university-of-georgia

ID 70301

Joe Mocquant

Entrepreneur & Designer. Co-Founder and CEO @ultime-combattant • Worked at @cloudflare • Studied at @epita Paris

ID 554195

Jonas Weigert

VT:CS Grad, Founder at LawnStarter

ID 96570

Srini Kadamati

UT Austin Math/CS, Developer & Product person, Love for AI & NLP, interested in Education, Energy, & Healthcare, huge Data nerd

ID 112037

Isaac Silverman

Head of Product @ BloomNation. Founder @ Playtivity. Former PM @ Zynga (Launched 22MM MAU Game + Honors CS + Class President @ Columbia

ID 212559

Evan Hammer

CEO at @smart-host • Sales Engineer at @autonomy • Computer Science at @brown-university

ID 230232

Daniel Jurek

Released patches to billions and consulted for the big guys. Living and breathing web apps. Cofounder and CTO at @maillift. Worked at @microsoft, @browsium.

ID 289722

Peter Li

CEO of @atlas-wearables. Fellow @techstars. BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering and Tissue Engineering at @johns-hopkins-university. Does things, gets smarter.

ID 160011

Jonathan Grimes

Worked at @ownlocal, @thesquarefoot • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 564870

Zixiao Wang

iOS Developer with UX background, UT Austin master degree, love startup and iOS development

ID 228958

Alex Morse

Chief Technical Omnivore. Photographer, designer, philosopher-king. Fascinated by learning how things work, and making them work better... including people.

ID 162929

Patrick Madden

Worked at @hft-quant-hedge-fund, @ibm. Studied Physics at UT: Dallas. 1st startup in high school. Solid technical background.

ID 26124

Mason Hale

Hands-on CTO, designer & builder of things. Previously CTO at @onespot, Chief Technologist at @frog-design. MS Engineering/Management UT Austin 2004.

ID 255496

Tim Liner

Ruby developer

ID 152169

Cameron Hotchkies

Early employee at @tabbedout. Founding member of the TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative team. Pioneer in automated blind SQL exploitation.

ID 96067

Alex Kilpatrick

Co-Founder & CTO at BeehiveID. PhD Computer Scientist, working in biometrics & machine learning

ID 6364

Emil Hajric

Founder of @helpjuice

ID 321695

Jose Dunia

MS in Digital Arts & Sciences at UF, Bachelor Computer Engineering at USB, Worked at Grooveshark and co-founder at Powerdot

ID 97951

Nate McGuire

Founder @spokefly, @recipeas • Worked at @apple, @ernst-and-young , @the Site Slinger • Studied at @university-of-texas-austin

ID 233318

Aamer Husain

•BS in Computer Science The University of Texas at Austin: Spring 2013 • Self-motivated software developer • Developer of several successful iPhone apps

ID 31684

Anthony Broad-Crawford

CPO @giveforward , Formerly CTO @within3 , Executive Director @startupbus , Entreprise Product Architect @progressive-insurance

ID 197194

Jon Loyens

Product Oriented Engineering Leader

ID 39120

Brian Krpec

CEO & Founder of Big Data Elephants and Group Sergeant LLC, 15+ yrs in Start-ups to enterprise software space. Know a thing or two about Big Data. Austin, TX

ID 185113

Erine Gray

Founder at Aunt Bertha Software. 12 years consulting experience. Saved the State of Texas $5 million per year in operating expenses. (MPAff, PMP, Programmer)

ID 73452

Adrian Rego

CTO at @riskpulse, Previously Developer & Analyst at @florida-power-light • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 681508

Dustin Blanchard

Marketing and communications strategist; Front-end developer; Brisket lover.

ID 298386

James Dixson

ID 69485

Francisco Prat

Co-Founder at @secondmic. 3rd Startup. Developer. Formerly @McKinsey &Company, @ubs, @general-electric @columbia-business-school School MBA. Engineer.

ID 135006

Truong-An (Bi) Thai

Founder FitChimp. Developer, Fitness Hacker. Worked at @crossfader, @flocasts. CS @university-of-texas-austin

ID 271898

Martijn de Kuijper

Co-founder Fosbury and Yunoo (acquired by AFAS). Internet entrepreneur. Member of elite groups called marathon runners and triathletes.

ID 186782

Annie Hsieh

Senior developer at Written, previously developer at Vivogig, BSEE from UT Austin

ID 590914

Morgan Bickle

VP of Client Services and former CTO @kinvey. @techstars alumni.

ID 115498

Brian Fryer

UI/UX designer/developer in Austin

ID 378453

Ulises Ramirez-Roche

Web Developer & Indie Entrepreneur. JS Enthusiast. Working on @estereobit. To quickly learn more about me I'm at

ID 269451

Naqi Syed

Platform Agnostic Mobile Engineer. Co-Founder / CTO of BaseJump, LLC A boutique app development company.

ID 119029

Jason Baldridge

Assoc. Prof., Computational Linguistics, UT Austin. Senior Data Scientist, Converseon. OpenNLP developer. Scala, Java, R, and Python programmer.

ID 142105

Ben Doherty

CEO & Co-Founder of @favor

ID 181786

Alex Smith


Founder & CEO, LanternCRM.

ID 50257

Eric Anderson

Founder of StackEngine, former CTO and founder of CopperEgg (acquired by Idera 2013). Technology focused with a sense of business and execution.

ID 51221

Dan DeFelippi

@spokefly cofounder, former freelance web developer, consultant, hacker. Entrepreneur since kindergarden.

ID 730686

Carlos Urreta

ID 48199

Oliver Treadwell

Web Developer with Startup/Venture Capital Background Open to Junior Dev Opportunities & Apprenticeships

ID 620209

Jenny Bebout

Founder and CXO at @pivot-freight • Studied at @kansas-state-university

ID 130683

Mike Pav

VP of Engineering at @spanning Cloud Apps

ID 216732

Sonya Eick

Currently Python Developer @cisco; Hardware Hacker & Maker; Studied Architecture at NMU.

ID 344604

John Ellis

Industry veteran with a 20 year background in embedded device development and enterprise data center management. Member of the Linux Foundation's JTAC.

ID 156078

Praneeth Patlola

Founder @jobhuk @airwala-com @tata-consulting-services-tcs @accenture @at&t

ID 524063

Daniel Kim

Looking for a full-time developer position starting on January of 2015!

ID 411639

Chris Aniszczyk


Head of Open Source at Twitter. Pragmatist. Avid Runner. Bourbon.

ID 341543

James Truty

SW Engineer at @trendkite, Worked at @amd; Problem Solver Extraordinaire; Strong Software Background; Homebrewer by night

ID 452918

Matt Jared

Web Designer. Learn to code and taco enthusiast.

ID 422060

Matt Swezey

Technologist that enjoys creating innovative solutions with substantial experience in product, web, mobile and some hardware. Full Stack Rails, EmberJS, iOS.

ID 311040

Patrick Kolencherry

Founder and CTO @pristine-1; Background in data visualisation, programming, and statistics.

ID 38628

Kirk Brown

Co-Founder @dostuff-media. Developer @mysql / SUN. Developer @god-games / Take 2.

ID 66207

Max Loukianov

CTO at @gimme-3; worked at @ichat, Cisco, @openwave, @broadvision. @carnegie-mellon-university / Pittsburg Supercomputer Center. Rocket scientist turned software engineer.

ID 8906

Nicholas Long

Technical Lead at Dreamworks Animation Co-Founder and CTO of glmps Co-Founder and CEO of Mixtape

ID 87573

Michael Dellanoce

Software Developer at @able. @rackspace Hosting alumnus. Virginia Tech Computer Science 2005.

ID 50313

Taylor Pechacek

Product Manager @maxwell-health • Studied at @university-of-north-texas • Behavior Design • User Experience • Strategic Thinker • Game Theory Enthusiast

ID 141026

Shayan Mohanty

Founder & CEO of FounderSchool, Lead Engineer @talksession. Former Lead Engineer @swrmit-inc

ID 281803

Annie Chang

Developer @chasm-io. Hacker @doglog. Fellow @Hackbright Academy. Founder/CEO @Best_Chuck. Project manager @wikia, @Smalltown. Studied @UCI B.A. Psychology & Social Behavior

ID 34445

Taylor Brooks

Born in Atlanta; live in Austin. Auburn grad.

ID 507389

Ray Ho

Making magic at Twitter. Made magic at Cover (acquired by Twitter) and Path. Once a cubicle at Cisco. Hook'em.

ID 182093

John Sheets

CTO & technical co-founder at vivogig. Indie developer of SkronkBar music statusbar for OS X and (retired) PhotoFlick iPad app. Strong history with OOP and TDD.

ID 263999

Justin Pope

Senior Engineer @boxc, Founder @phlybuy, Co-Founder @socialmd, Attended @university-of-texas-austin

ID 418107

Dorian Johnson

Worked at @heap, @eduvant • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 90411

Austin Lyons

engineer @riskpulse. previous: engineer at @intel, co-founder of @oso-technologies, MSEE @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign BSEE @iowa-state-university

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 456293

Ricardo Soza

Software Architect and developer for products in a multitude of disciplines, everything from microcontroller firmware to enterprise level web applications..

ID 19737

Steve Blackmon

Cofounder, Ravel

ID 399779

Chris Cowden

Passionate entrepeneur. Motivated, hard-working generalist.

ID 14072

Justin Yarmark


Founder|COO @fair-document; Investor|CSO @TheCottages; Founder @coach-explore @eziba-inc Worked @numesh-inc @annuity-systems-inc Studied @williams-college; US Ski Team

ID 357926

Thomas Brady

Hardware and software prototyper, interaction designer, systems thinker and humane design champion

ID 180906

Sandeep Parikh

Worked at @apple, @10gen-2 • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @university-of-texas-austin

ID 7015

Dan Loewenherz

Founder @lionheart-software. Previously at @elm-city-labs. Applied Math @yale-university.

ID 77035

Seth Black

Lead Developer @atlas-wearables Formerly CTO of @moniker-guitars, DBA at @rackspace and @at-t.

ID 105187

Aaron Sanchez

Electrical Engineering/Public Relations Senior @UTAustin , President of Technology Entrepreneurship Society: @TESatUT

ID 69944

Chris Lamprecht


Founder of @searchify, employee #1 at

ID 10285

Jae Lee

Founder and CEO @movable-ads-llc

ID 713887

Niraj Patel

University of Texas at Austin Computer Science, Graduating Spring 2015, Interned at HomeAway

ID 54759

Damon Clinkscales


ID 271276

Scott J. Beaudreau

Founder, CTO of @circleci Media. Previously Principal Dev/PM at Microsoft in Bing Semantic Index, Search Incubation, and Search UX. Deep technology+data science.

ID 836327

Eric Fernandez

Eric Fernandez is a developer at AppSumo and SumoMe. Previously: Software engineer at General Dynamics. Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from MIT.

ID 105482

Kevin Kenyon

Computer Science/Pure Mathematics - University of Texas at Austin Team member of @uthinktank

ID 547392

Ernie Aguilar

An Embedded Systems Generalist with an extensive background in firmware, I enjoy building stuff, playing with sensors, and chewing on all sorts of puzzles.

ID 17903


Building web brands since last century.

ID 506069

Jake Koten

Front-End Developer; with Full Stack Exp.

ID 415311

Joss Scholten

Founder at @yonomi, @sentient-labs. Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1. I focus on the Internet of Things, Quantified Self, and Home Automation.

ID 68646

Trey Philips

Software engineer focused on web UI. Worked at @stubhub. Created Extended Info, first Facebook app to be acquired. Co-creator of Tweeting Too Hard.

ID 456237

Nestor Hernandez

Broad range of software development experience and deep expertise of embedded systems.

ID 294112

Preston Pham

Developer at Goodybag. Previously ConocoPhillips, The Home Depot. University of Texas at Austin C.S.

ID 70684

Jose Rubio

Co-founder & CTO of Mineful a data driven email marketing software for e-commerce.

ID 64915

Lance Vaughn

Ruby on Rails evangelist and entrepreneur in Austin, TX. Owner of @cabforward and Co-founder of @lean-tail-labs.

ID 57343

Ricardo D. Sanchez


Worked at @homeaway, @bedandbreakfast-com

ID 213528

Albert Swantner

Founder @bohemian-innovation, CTO @reqwip, CTO @charity-miles. BS & MS Mechanical Engineering from @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 457994

Eric Olszewski

UT Software Engineer, very versatile skillset, started an HR company and looking for something new.

ID 241556

Christian B.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, @lightbridge-inc-2 @electronic-arts  @pandora Avid poker player & loving Dad

ID 580440

Samuel Forman

university of Arizona CS/IS im all about the data and making it work for you.

ID 535110

Ryan Crumley

Software Developer, Java, Python, Eclipse.

ID 227597

James Moore

Bachelor's in CS; Full stack experience; rapid development in products

ID 339790

Niraj Patel

University of Texas at Austin, Programmer, Graphic Designer, Internship Experience

ID 248745

Devin Naquin

ID 721644

Amanda Strickler

Data analysis, machine learning, software engineering, python enthusiast, University of Maryland CS.

ID 229301

Jeffrey Biles

Founder of Math Monsters. Versatile developer with deep knowledge of Ruby on Rails and Ember.js. Rapidly learning student of business and marketing. Educator.

ID 135118

Jonathan Rosenberg

Developing meaningful solutions for mobile devices.

ID 500651

Fernando Avalos

Works at @local-plant-source • Studied at @universidad-autonoma-de-queretaro

ID 86332

Tim Juravich

Technology and Product Focused Entrepreneur. 9 years experience as a product, program, and technology leader. I lead projects that scale, in every way.

ID 513585

Zal Bhathena

Worked at @escalation-point, @visible-health

ID 3499

Jeffrey Chambers

Founder of @vacationrentalsforsale-com. Investor in @mommymixer-com, @shared-earth. Team member of @property-maps, @homeaway, @vrbo.

ID 95268

Eric Yang

Operations GM for photography software startup @topaz-labs. Previously grew from zero to ~3M annual revenue in two years. Also co-founded @photowhoa.

ID 420644

Harsh Patel

Founder @makersquare, @portfoliyo, • Worked at @teach-for-america • Studied at @saint-louis-university.

ID 525221

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Software Developer Extraordinaire.

ID 295227

Cherise Whitmen


In progress

ID 37211

Saranyan Vigraham

Director of Product @bigcommerce (Developer ecosystem and Labs). Previously @ebay /@PayPal , @qualcomm. Comp Sci PhD.

ID 115589

Parnell Springmeyer

Serial entrepreneur, polyglot engineer and journeyman, Techstars alum.

ID 481653

Mateo Clarke

Full-stack developer, Makersquare & UT grad

ID 225630

Michael Roberts

Entrepreneur-Software Engineer/Architect

ID 27769

Joe McCann

Serial entrepreneur, designer, technologist, investor, musician and DJ. Obsessed with data, mobile and design. Technical background with biz dev brain.

ID 464890

Aaron Geiser

Works at @local-plant-source • Founded Pulsar Web Works • Studied at @columbus-college-of-art-design

ID 227093

Matt Schultz

i like code

ID 182510

Francisco Alvarado

Founder Servuss • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 360807

Michael Pfister

Co-Founder @noki; iOS Development @retailmenot-inc Student at University of Texas Computer Science; Mobile Application Development; Web Development

ID 73042

Mohit Taneja

Computer Engineering @ut-austin, Passions: Energy Efficiency, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Networking, Robotics and Food

ID 127488

Richard Dude

CEO & Co-Founder of QuantAdvisor

ID 495766

Kaleb Fulgham

Engineering Lead at @favor. Focus on Front-end JavaScript. Love God. Love People. Love Coffee.

ID 61355

Lorin Rivers

Product Management & Marketing Professional

ID 443295

Dan Benjamin

Founder of 5by5.

ID 13265

PJ Brunet

Freelance Web Developer, Linux System Administrator, MySQL DBA, WordPress Programmer, Graphic Designer

ID 135195

Mike McNeil

Creator of Sails.js. Founder of @balderdash. Startup hipster programming since childhood, hustling ever since.

ID 258869

Philip Flesher

Led engineering and product at multiple startups. Excellent management, engineering, product, and UX/UI skills,. Love to wear lots of hats.

ID 182457

Nick Shelton

Works at @lynx-laboratories. Worked at @university-of-texas-at-austin @artificial-intelligence and @robotics lab & @facebook front-end engineering.

ID 173115

Brandon Hudgeons

Founder ATsoft. COO & VP Tech at Schoox. CTO at Curb, SPARXlife. Founded Internal Machine. VP Tech, Enspire Learning. Worked at @gunderson-dettmer , @motive. CS & Creative Writing from @Dartmouth; JD, MBA and MSCEE from UT Austin

ID 307426

Benjamin Taylor

Co-founder, Creative at @weaver-labs & @mechamagizmo | prev. Engineer at @electronic-arts' @maxis on SimCity, @nexon | @carnegie-mellon-university alum

ID 272189

Liangjun Jiang

Software Engineer

ID 348728

Mark Troutfetter

Worked at @pristine-1, @national-instruments

ID 138954

Brian Maloney

Founder @pipcoin • Worked at @socialware, @demand-media • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 6618

Wesley Tansey

CS PhD student at UT Austin; Machine learning for health; Worked at Google; Co-founded 2 startups.

ID 501332

Derrick Hinkle

Backend Software Engineer @pristine-1 , Philosophy degree from @university-of-maryland-college-park, Former consultant for Digital Flux

ID 186959

Robert Syvarth

Dev & NumberNerd @duxter. Created social group app with ~1M users in HS. EE @ UT

ID 394500

Aaron Alaniz

Developer for Pristine. Background in Software Engineering. Worked at Intel.

ID 606360

Eleanor Yang Lin

PhD student in Computational and Mathematical Engineering; MIT undergrad, double majored in Math and Aero/Astro; Worked at Apple

ID 219959

Arik Yaacob

"Talpiot" graduate, very experienced software developer. I can do everything by self learning and minimal mentoring

ID 232542

Jason Ervin

Founder of Stat, worked at Spiceworks, HP, Solarwinds, Envision, and DIAB SMU BA MIS/Marketing

ID 238435

Tyler Davis

Obj C debugger @howmuch; workforce data analyst @USAirForce; Studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science @FloridaStateUniversity;

ID 456403

Richard Penshorn

Founder Basedrive • Worked at @qualcomm, @praetorian • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 296707

Learie Hercules

Founder @octavia-technologies • Worked at @nortel-networks, @ericsson • Studied at @university-of-the-west-indies, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 138937

Eric Cassady

Founder @pipcoin • Worked at @socialware, @messageone • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 392698

Victor Vu

Full Stack Software Engineer

ID 300414

Steven Snapp

Over 20 years experience in the computer security industry at both small and large companies developing state of the art intrusion detection and application whitelisting technologies.

ID 641974

Daniel Ruiz

Data scientist with a background in stats, behavioral economics and comp sci to harness large and disparate data sets that lead to effective business insights.

ID 268202

Erwin Mazariegos

iOS App Architecture, Development, and Deployment Complete products from initial high-level vision, or ad-hoc help to meet deadlines. Remote or Austin local.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 37629

Ben Calder

Co-founder @shiftt | Software Engineer | Gearhead

ID 217532

Tim Scott

Full stack developer. Technical leader. Lean startup practitioner with high business IQ.

ID 286250

Brian Moeskau

Cofounded @sencha and @level-seven. Experience ranges from startup to enterprise. Software architect with practical business experience.

ID 729075

Brian Lukoff

Educator, technology designer, and engineer. Former co-founder and CEO of Learning Catalytics, acquired by Pearson. Stanford PhD (education) & MS (statistics).

ID 215152

Park Silkenson

Ex-lawyer learning to program. I studied at Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco in the Spring of 2013, and I'm continuing self-study now that I'm back in Austin.

ID 81836

Josh Babetski

Experienced Web and Mobile Professional Creating Engaging Products; Developer Who Knows How To Build Them

ID 87256

Jay Prince

iOS Developer • Two 5-Star Apps • Backend Engineer, Distributed Systems & Scalability Expert

ID 262591

Tommy Goode

Startup tech pro. Generalist who is comfortable managing servers, writing iOS apps, and everything in between.

ID 472774

Bryan Young

CTO @JobJybe. Expert in Mobile Health. Studied @yale and @JohnsHopkins. Partner at @SailTime Group and principal @intertwine. Founding bassoonist Poulenc Trio.

ID 156382

Mike Holp

Mobile Developer Extraordinaire

ID 255532

Deepti Ghadiyaram

1st year PhD student at UT Austin's Lab for Image and Video Engg (LIVE), Worked at Symphony Commerce and LinkedIn, Starting Bloc Fellow. Loves to code.

ID 716757

Shaun Dubuque

Product minded full stack developer. Equally comfortable building high polish consumer applications and deeply technical solutions.

ID 348258

Marian Nodine

Ph.D. Computer Scientist with broad research experience in multiple areas including big data, machine learning, agent systems, and knowledge management.

ID 124487

Coleman Stevenson

CTO of Eye In The Sky. 14 years of experience with the full web stack. I specialize in design & development team management.

ID 128427

Andrew Dubinsky

Founder @encomia • Studied at @university-of-texas-arlington

ID 305638

Zachary Cook

Owner @TexasCA_Austin, and studying @UTexasMcCombs. Love team roping and on the college rodeo team! Let's change the world. Hook 'em!

ID 166248

Faiz Khan

Web and Systems development. NodeJs, C, Python. Linux and Server Administration. Developed for @pensi-studios, 1st startup in high school. B.S. 2011.

ID 155314

Justin Crites

Co-founder & product developer of @guava-2. Co-Founder and Product Development at @crowdrx. Interested in fin-tech and the future of value. 

ID 120597

Adam Thompson

Career game developer. BS in CompSci (2005). Worked in mobile games (Javaground, 2006) and educational games (Alelo, 2009). Self-funded @first-earth development.

ID 68173

Milan Vasic

Lead front end developer and Co-partner on @twingz, holder of M Sc in Computer science, Worked on several international projects, entrepreneur and mentor.

ID 163149

Garrett Boone

Recent Dev Bootcamp grad, Texas Tech grad. Looking to join up with a good team to contribute to and learn from.

ID 99621

Justin Tallant

Highly self-motivated and persistent. Coding is my favorite activity. I am well versed in the front end but enjoy back end the most.

ID 142960

Clarke Rahrig

Founder @book512 & @bedj • ECE undergrad @university-of-texas-at-austin-1 • Student Entrepreneur • Passion for learning, building and technology

ID 181319

Niran Babalola

Founder of METROREAD • Built and ran the tech team at @the-texas-tribune • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 394046

Shen Ge

Co-founded health informatics company (, nonprofit (, organized 2 int'l conferences, worked at two startups.

ID 289094

Morry Belkin

Technology Leader; Front-End Developer; 15+ years of developing Enterprise-level web applications and SaaS applications

ID 90023

Jeff Linwood

Trail runner, ultramarathoner, founder of Green Ninja Active City Guides, trying to visit every national park, mobile apps and software developer

ID 106350

Scott Sullivan

Proud Geek. Founder/CEO of iMonitron. Co-founder, original product architect, and VP of Research at Ziften Technologies, Inc.

ID 596579

Roy Shamir

Technological leader of high performing software teams.

ID 221156

Yeeland Chen

Full-Stack Developer

ID 796229

Yuan Cao

ID 312857

Juan Carlos Jimenez

Lead Developer @able. Worked at @apple, @skype and @evernote.

ID 720350

Chase Moody

Web/Mobile application developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. JS? Given. Hybrid? Yep. Node.js? Is JS single threaded? Yes

ID 491890

Piyush Mehta

Full lifecycle database geek, founder of 2 startups, product design and development

ID 528806

Mark Watson

Software architect. Technical co-founder. Full stack developer. Shipped iOS and Android apps with over 1.5 million downloads.

ID 249514

Dustin Kirkland

Dustin Kirkland is the CTO at Gazzang, delivering security and encryption for cloud and big data, and an active maintainer of 25+ open source projects.

ID 39026

Mendel Kurland

Founder of @apps-over-easy Corp and @world-life-networks LLC

ID 340775

Jack Sivak

Programs robots by day, programs everything else by night.

ID 596549

John Eargle

Software engineer at Lab7. Computational biophysicist now developing software tools for Next Generation Sequencing.

ID 697024

David Pitt

Stanford grad, many doors open, unconventional thinker, self-starter, rookie.

ID 188163

Satyen Sarhad

Founder, Earthling Technology • MS, BS Computer Science @university-of-texas-dallas

ID 56218

Bruce Callen


I bootstrapped Teres Solutions from 1 employee to 75 employees while growing customers and revenue. I led Teres as its president and CFO until selling Teres to an international credit bureau. I am a software development and finance professional. I ha

ID 486499

Derek Wohlfahrt

Worked at @cisco, @xo-group • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 478924

Noel Geren


Founder/CTO @zoomrank - @sprinkl-io - Founding member @hrlogix (acq by @first-advantage) - Software Developer - Hardware Hacker - Extraordinaire

ID 421843

Joshua Scanish

Junior Rails developer ready to put training into practice.

ID 480844

Jerry Sousares, PMP

Engineering Director, worked at Dell and IBM leading Software, Storage, and Server development projects; Managed 7 teams, 41 people on NAS Solution Development

ID 150603

Stephen Johnston

Worked at @trilogy, @morningstar • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 446683

Clare Glinka

MakerSquare grad. Strong analytical background.

ID 185691

C. J. Barker

Husband, father, software craftsman, musician who is passionate about solving problems and using the right tool for the job.

ID 576130

Ben Brown

VP Software @noki; SDE Intern at Microsoft; Student at University of Texas Computer Science; Machine Learning; .Net and Java development

ID 158063

Derek Victory

10+ yrs Software Design and Development; Rails enthusiast. CTO Solid business foundation (Vanderbilt Comp. Eng, UT MBA)

ID 340887

William Vu Huynh

CEO of @intermedia. Investor @muafast Worked @societe-generale @jpmorgan-chase @ibm @bearingpoint @halliburton

ID 241954

Sean Welleck

Penn CS Master's student; Interested in AI, Machine Learning, Functional Programming; Interned at IBM and Citi.

ID 101067

David Lackey

Founded PearHaven

ID 110795

Bryan Bishop

Application engineer w/ >10 mobile apps and >15 web apps of experience, all built from scratch.

ID 818287

Zo Asmail

University of Texas CS, Full stack. Graduate this fall and looking for full time position. Last internship at

ID 66745

Matthew Foster

CEO of PLNND @monash-university Uni, @purdue-university Uni, Sam Houston State Uni, Computer Science, from Australia, currently living in texas.

ID 275132

Nathan Donnellan

Founder Autism Labs • Worked at @esolar • Studied engineering at @california-institute-of-technology - If I don't know it, I'll learn it.

ID 144447

Charles Wilson

Worked at @dell, @metrowerks • Studied at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

ID 528980

Shakir Mohammad

ID 59981

Victor Trac

CTO • Previously @bazaarvoice, @spawar • Studied at @clemson-university

ID 182821

Vincent Cacace

BI & Data Analytics at General Motors Austin. Previous: Deloitte (Audit Intern) , Siemens (Finance Intern) & a "Ramen Profitable" company in college

ID 180902

Kelly Wrinkle

Worked at @kin-valley in QA testing the product and reporting bugs to Dev. Team and giving updates to managment on how bugs will affect the release schedule.

ID 638050

Brady Bryan

MakerSquare 12 week boot-camp graduate. JavaScript and Ruby on Rails enthusiast. Fast learning hard worker.

ID 670082

Bobby Smith

Former entrepreneur turned full stack web developer and iOS developer.

ID 381019

Jessica Fuselier

Artistic web developer, looking to create content that catches the eye of millions

ID 299769

James Davison

Berkeley EECS, MBA, focused on the enterprise and building software people use every day.

ID 85306

Ryan Brown


EE, FPGA/Hardware designer at Oculus, maker; Started @ATXHW;

ID 469950

Barron Roth

CompEng @boston-university • Founder @downtyme • Product Engineer @amd • Designer • Photographer

ID 295928

Michael Saenz

7 years hardware/software experience in the semiconductor industry. iOS hobbyist developer. UT-Austin BSEE 2007. Pursuing MS in CS at CMU starting Fall 2014.

ID 210552

Bill M

3 startup/early-stage companies, 10 yrs with Oracle. Developed/managed over 20 successful enterprise products. Recent product/eng'g management. MIT CompSci.

ID 502804

Andrew Krueger

Just finished MakerSquare and am now pursuing full-stack web development with an eye towards data science and geographic data/analysis.

ID 413347

Benson Wally Tran

Duke EE & CS Class of 2015

ID 9823

Shawn Scott

CEO at Gradeness. Experienced web/mobile developer. Worked at @apple, @texas-instruments • Studied at @devry-university, @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 76114

Dan Lussier

PhD candidate at University of @oxford-university in Mechanical Engineering as Rhodes Scholar. Teacher and strong generalist engineer who can code.

ID 173476

Khoa Le

Worked at @petparent • Studied at @texas-a-m-university, @university-of-texas-dallas

ID 764867

Justin Stringer

Java Batch Processing Expert

ID 823691

Jake Peyser

ID 96300

Justin Britten

ID 719919

Carl Elbaz

Recent Michigan Grad, interesting in Web Development

ID 708447

Robert F. Dickerson

ID 89792

Aaron Nicholson

Founder of The Code Builders. High-profile front end development, web applications, mobile apps. Long list of Fortune 500 and top entertainment clients.

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 316163


University of Michigan CS, Web Developer, Front to Back

ID 579553

Micah Stewart

Web Developer - love building things. Ruby, Rails, JS, and HTML/CSS. Currently playing with the Angular gem for fun.

ID 183013

Micah Frazier

Founder Campus Slice • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @indiana-university-purdue-university-at-indianapolis

ID 175375

Jennifer O'Neil

Studied at @university-of-michigan graduated in May 2013 Works at @university-of-michigan as a instructional aide Interned at @bloomberglaw

ID 496683

Andy Terrel

Team Member @continuum-analytics • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @texas-tech-university

ID 622281

Jason VanFickell

UT M.S in ECE with focus on software engineering; experienced driver and firmware developer for National Instruments since 2004

ID 634663

Christian Catalan

I'm an optimist who loves tracking/fitness devices. Ruby, Javascript developer. My mission: build amazing software that enable people to live healthier lives.

ID 289291

Dave Szabo

Technical product development leader. Coded and lead development of the worlds first digital textbook. Master of Engineering Mangement, Northwestern University.

ID 263346

Eddy Reyes

Love to learn and build systems that simplify our lives. Worked at IBM, Lifesize, Click. M.S.E. UT Austin

ID 499337

Lakshmi Dhevi Jayagobi

Image processing engineer

ID 78657

Ammon Fife

Started 3 companies, Manage Social Media Analytics at WCG (PR/Comm/Ad agency) for Fortune 100 companies and startups. Also teach Microeconomics adjunct at BYU-I

ID 434754

John Woods

National Science Foundation Fellow, Virginia Tech CS, National Merit Scholar, SciRuby founder, Bioinformatics PhD (U. Texas), competitive swing dancer

ID 561045

Iñaqui Delgado

Full stack developer with a wide range of experiences from uKernel development, driver & user app development on Linux, to Django and Android development

ID 46040

Scott Moore

Founder of Snapleaf, 1st startup venture. Worked at @jp-morgan, @xerox • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 329277

Todd Wacker

Rails, Javascript Web Developer

ID 411160

Shelby Dremely

MIS student (Junior) at UT Austin; Seeking internship for summer 2014; Hard-working; Creative; Team-player; Passionate.

ID 214012

Tyler Reinhart

UT CS Student. Designer & front-end developer.

ID 325524

Brad Jewell

Software Engineer experienced with a wide array of technologies. Passionate about writing great software, learning new things, and taking on new challenges.

ID 522368

Christopher Brooks

Senior Software Developer, full stack, Ruby on Rails, Javascript

ID 202115

Corey Ward

I'm a product developer, full stack designer, and marketer interested in startups and companies creating consumer applications and physical products.

ID 204077

Lindsey Lauren

BIZ DEV WUNDERKIND [the #1 #2] Powering other people's projects since 2001. Successful ventures from finance to fashion.

ID 441748

Patrick Heney

Seeking entry to mid level software development position. Diverse experience ranges simulations, networking, machine learning, CG animation, mobile and game dev

ID 434097

Guy Goldstein

Creator of and

ID 110803

Mehernosh (Nosh) Mody

Master in CS and MBA - can take an idea from design to production and customer satisfaction!

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 401508

Michael Marks

Former technical director of Aspyr Media. Engineer at AMD, 3dfx, Nvidia, and Midway Games. PGP fingerprint

ID 78024

Keith Gaddis

Full stack developer with strong architectural, product management, business strategy and leadership skills.

ID 61755

David Choi

Research Intern at St David's NeuroTexas Institute

ID 210338

Keith Jamison

Founder or co-founder of three companies, helped raise over $34M in VC funding, wrote and received 27 Phase I and 9 Phase II SBIR awards as PI.

ID 478944

Irina Tyshkevich

Dual degree in CS and Linguistics. Working on eCommerce websites for IBM for 3 years. Looking for: something new, social job, more analytical, something unique

ID 688912

Michael Pazienza

Over 10 years in design/dev with a focus on leading teams and creating stimulating work environments. Expert in HTML, CSS, and JS with a design background.

ID 827364

Jason Spangler


Served as chief technical officer (CTO), technical director, lead programmer, and programmer for a variety of companies and projects.

ID 330664

Muhammad Yousaf Sajjad

Engineer of Software, Services and Automation.

ID 670175

James A Tiller

CompE graduate from Vanderbilt; C#/Java Developer; Native Android and Rails App Developer;

ID 212536

Marcel Bensch

CTO&Co-Founder @froof. Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara. Software Developer & UI/UX Designer. Passionate about open healthcare and open data.

ID 559365

Sapan Upadhyay

B.S. CS from UT Austin

ID 453281

Daniel Mahler

Worked at @bazaarvoice, @google

ID 210176

Allen Walker

Co-Founder @merj, Full stack Ruby Rails consultant

ID 380597

Patricia Silva

Web Developer

ID 224190

Brandon Harris

Full stack developer, unicorn. I build applications that run a business.

ID 220665

Sean Schade

Founder Zenkata IO • Worked at @ebay and @dell

ID 546288

Akash Mankar

Current SW Engineer R&D at National Instruments. UT Austin MS CS, 3 years work ex at NVidia, Entering start up arena, Delivered couple of start up prototype

ID 387907

Delwin Campbell

Freelance web application & front-end developer.

ID 193733

Amir Sadoughi

Work at @rackspace • Worked at @riverbed-technology, @check-point-software-technologies-1, @rgm-advisors • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 40746

Ryan Cole

University of North Texas CS, full stack generalist, web developer, love databases and reverse engineering

ID 557365

Vivek Viswanathan

Purdue MSECE; engg mgr and generalist; specialist in media streaming, video encode/decode; cofounded video startup that got acquired 2011; looking for CTO roles

ID 643595

Shannon Lu

UT Computer Science and Finance student, Entrepreneurship mindset, technology focused

ID 672982

Brent Cohn

Experienced quantitative analyst.

ID 175247

Craig Halley


CTO, Founder @MPV (acquired by Experian). Software Architect @Concero. Strong design, web dev, database, software architecture. Studied @northwestern-university.

ID 443324

Josh Norem

Experienced EE. Extremely broad range of experience in embedded systems. Experience in all phases of planning, development, and production with specialties in firmware development and debug.

ID 399860

Michael Tarng

UTexas CS, Technical Project Manager; Worked at Jackrabbit Mobile,, SXSW, Texas Instruments

ID 395951

Clay Tobolka

Working as a Android Software Engineer @golden Frog • Computer Science and Economics double major at @the-university-of-texas-at-austin

ID 218269

Tom Maiaroto

Internet mercenary.

ID 59493

Sidharth Garg

Founder of @stand-up-apps. Data analyst and iOS developer. Worked at Facebook and Intel.

ID 464443

Varun Brahme

USC graduate, Worked on different projects and different technologies, Interested in software engineer or web developer positions

ID 316899

Bobby Jo Sawey

Technologically Enhanced Creator

ID 162403

Ed Sullivan

Founder and CTO @g2link • Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 725442

Nathan Brigmon

GIS Analyst. Holds degrees in Business and Urban Planning.

ID 364012

Nickolay Shestopalov

PhD in Computational and Applied Science. Worked in software industry. Inventor and entrepreneur in clean technology. Strong mathematical modeling and programming skills.

ID 112463

Eric Brynsvold

Founder of @trailerq, freelance Android developer, graduate of Rose-Hulman

ID 470921

Mayank Ketkar

CMU MS, built small search engine (not launched), dabbled in front end design (, good planner and awesome at visualizing stuff

ID 488889

Chris Boette

MakerSquare and CMU alum. Full stack web app developer looking to surprise and delight users. Eager to keep building and keep learning.

ID 362209

zach prager

University of Texas Computer Science BS. Full Stack Rails Engineer at Spiceworks in Austin. Remote iOS development for Floodlight Software.

ID 791369

Michael Van Meurs

Passionate full-stack JavaScript developer that loves tackling hard problems and learning new technologies

ID 15124

P.J. Snavely

Founder @Fat Dog Mobile • Worked at @sony-computer-entertainment-america, @acclaim-games • Studied at @university-of-south-carolina

ID 101577

Colby Wilson

CEO at Cervisior LLC, CEO HireaHammer LLC

ID 328169

Charles Neill

CS B.A. @ UT, 2013. Software Security Engineer @ Rackspace.

ID 107351

Florin Matei

Running the technology for a GIS business for more than 5 years. Looking for the next big thing where geospatial meets big data and computer learning. Join me!

ID 136862

Eric Van Hensbergen

Disruptive Systems Builder; Worked at @lucent-bell-labs, @ibm-research on everything from embedded consumer products to the top-ranked supercomputer.

ID 263946

Alex Artushin

Full stack developer, started

ID 553572

Marius Ghercioiu

Interested in remote SW Dev projects

ID 284155

Anubhav Ashok

High Performance Computing Quest, Bronze Award (Scalable Drug Categorization, parallel programming, visualization of results) + Research in Artificial Intelligence in Game Design + Recipe Generator using AI algorithms project

ID 182201

Andrew Templeton

Companies and their backers hire me (and the team I lead) to replace in-house development teams.

ID 485944

Blake McGregor

IBM Software Consultant. Advised large tech, finance & aviation clients. UT-Austin Engineering Degree. Communicate between business and engineering effectively.

ID 546820

Rohan Shah

Texas CS and Mathematics. Graduating May 2014. Full-stack developer, Android developer, Data mining hacker

ID 551209

David Momberger

Recent UT Grad, Linguistics Major, CS Minor

ID 582852

Robert Graham

GT grad, embedded engineer, developed multiple device drivers for Linux and Windows including device 4-port network device driver.

ID 798500

Amro Shohoud

UT Austin Computer Science, Experience in Web Development

ID 544628

Spencer Bull

University of Texas at Austin perusing CS degree with UT Business Foundations. Previous Internship with Ctuit Software

ID 531209

Renato Recio

UT Austin; Developed Health Record Management System; Created a 16-bit Processor Simulator

ID 625597

Brian Granaghan

Georgia Tech grad. Electrical Engineer well versed in low level software and system architecture who makes innovative use of new IP.

ID 618774

Kevin Binswanger

Passionate engineer, loves new technology and knowing how things work. Even my hobbies involve leadership, mentoring and customer service!

ID 624670

Daniel McCabe

University of Texas Computer Science, 11 years of Experience developing software using C#/.NET and Java. Worked in high stress environments.

ID 242926

Wiley Bennett

Founder BMDware, studied HCI, focus on information visualization, software architecture design/development

ID 266360

Kartik Mathur

Masters Student at Indiana University Bloomington, Computer Science background, Worked at AMD and ACI Worldwide. Experience with java and web technologies.

ID 390194

Robert Balderas

A startup essential offering Full Life Stack: Front-end Dev, Product management, Sales, Business Dev, Marketing, Web Design, UX design, and humor!

ID 867088

David Salgado

Web engineer: front-end expert. I have a deep passion for building beautiful web software that presents friendly, intuitive, and accessible GUIs.

ID 172445

Matt Tokoly

PHP Developer at UT - Co-Creator of RIPPIN' - Studied at @southern-methodist-university

ID 242676

Michele Pierini

Junior developer learning lots of stuff on the job in downtown Austin.

ID 236307

Parag Patel

Founder Spw Consultants, NullReviews • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 703815

Sachin Ahuja

Georgia Tech Chemical Engineer, recent MakerSquare graduate, launched 2 successful final projects in Node and Rails.

ID 456794

Sean Waters

Java and/or Rails Software Engineer with 10+ years experience comfortable in full stack development and DevOps.

ID 426261

Dennis Hadley

Web and User Interface Design, Front End Development.

ID 386586

Viraj Chaudhary

Studying Finance and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin

ID 627401

Sergio Escoto


ID 607876

Brian Provost

Web developer in sunny Austin, TX. Looking to join a good team as a Ruby on Rails or JavaScript engineer.

ID 548158

Elfrey Shira

Software Engineer, focused on front-end, enjoy full-stack, still learning.

ID 803489

Walid Owais

Current student studying CS at UT Austin, also working at CrowdTorch making iOS apps. Have some experience in robotics and back end web development in python.

ID 333440

Stephen Olander-Waters

15 years of experience in software development, integration, and application administration, experienced enterprise implementor, very happy customers

ID 425368

Herschel Kulkarni

Self-starting software engineer seeking opportunity to work on meaningful products in an entrepreneurial environment

ID 287155

Louis Sato

Worked at @reqwip, @homeaway, @indeed, @involver, @oracle-corporation

ID 193702

Ruby McQuade

ID 359785


Rayne Beridon

ID 396633

Joseph Shrier

ID 448572

Ross Dickey

Worked at @storspeed • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 416055

Carl von Havighorst

Founder Lucky Wild Cat Software • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 549540

Andrew Magill

ID 434841

Eiman Ebrahimi

UT Austin PhD. Full stack experience from the lowest levels of SoC and processor architecture/micro-architecture to developing algorithms. Worked at NVIDIA, Microsoft, and IBM. Deep interest in big data systems and analytics, and business development.

ID 387491

Herschel Kulkarni

Self-starting software engineer seeking the opportunity to work on meaningful products in an entrepreneurial setting.

ID 685468

Patrick Lu

University of Texas CS, Ruby, Photography.

ID 352715

Sanjay Tourani

Electrical Engineering, UT Austin 2012. Economics, UT Austin 2012. Software Engineer at Goodybag.

ID 399789

Yash Aggarwal

UT Austin Computer Science Class of 2017. Solid web development experience.

ID 385172

Michael Tarng

ID 371914

Trey Sullivan

ID 284644

Shaun McCormick

SEM at Bigcommerce; Chief Architect at @siphonlabs; Co-architected MODX Revolution CMS; over 15 years experience in web software engineering.

ID 521707

Steve Kim

Former Applications Engineer at Logic PD. Studied at UT Austin. Unique blend of both hardware and software experience. See my portfolio for software examples

ID 714446

Krishna Nadoli

UT Austin EE/Math, C/C++ Proficiency

ID 17612

Lloyd R. Tullues

Technical Director and Electronic Arts. Previously founded Aonyx Software - UI middleware company. Over 13 years of game development experience.

ID 326107

Rob Bastian

ID 583990

Michael Aldape

Full Stack, product focused programmer with an eye for design.

ID 449797

Darren Sillett

Founded iPhone casual gaming company. and Microsoft alumni. Technology MBA.

ID 339376

Hunter Sherman

Software engineer, architect, team leader specializing in web applications • Tech Lead at Weeva • Studied at @university-of-florida, @university-of-west-florida

ID 83630

Joe Wurzburger

Co-founder/CTO of @ninut, coder, writer.

ID 434658

Tim Lindsey

Studied Computer Science at @university-of-central-florida, and Information Engineering @university-of-west-florida

ID 359675

Danny Lynch

Computer Architect, interested in startups, investing, breweries, and technology in general

ID 250849

Stephen Goodwin

Co-Founder @edgecase-formerly-compare-metrics • Worked at @indeed • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 506156

Daniel Lewis

I'm a software engineer with experience in front end, back end, and anywhere in between.

ID 198961

Ryan Floyd

Recently graduated with Masters Comp Sci at @university-of-washington. Ready to get back into startups after 5yrs @MSFT. First computer startup in high school.

ID 470274

David Bitkowski

Founder Ready, Set Promo! • Studied at @university-of-technology-sydney

ID 482552

Benjamin White

Full-stack Web Dev Student at MakerSquare

ID 448741

Thejas Prasad

University of Texas CS and EE, worked on Hadoop and Hbase at Azul, Implemented the Hbase architecture

ID 353675

Kaushik Nagabhushan

Founder Anotiste • Studied at @university-of-houston, @university-of-connecticut

ID 512320

Gene Chatham

Embedded systems EE with some new web development skills, looking to mash those two specialties together.

ID 781516

Richard Reedy

Full Stack Engineer with experience building highly scalable APIs and managing big data

ID 238571

Michael Jordan

I bring order from chaos in infrastructure. Build & manage amazing teams of people who do the impossible for the company.

ID 810395

Matthew Jaffee

M.S. in CS. All around developer - varied interests. Experience with full stack Python webapps, CUDA, networking and monitoring, Java cloud dev,

ID 101079

Chuck Bloodgood

Results Oriented: Sold first startup, Helped on 2nd, 3rd. Achieved aggressive results as Software / Technology Lead. Web, .Net, SQL, LAMP, etc. Deep SW exp.

ID 426452

Jonathan Salser

Worked at @cso-research • Studied at @texas-a-m-university

ID 360501

Cory Jez

BS Economics, Data Driven Analyst and BI Developer with experience in direct marketing and eCommcerce, specializing in data visualization and large data sets.

ID 552066

Deniz Aydemir

I am currently an iOS developer at IBM. I have an insatiable desire to create products that are both beautiful and meaningful.

ID 123239

Tom Giesberg


ID 103628

Shane Faulkner

Technology Master

ID 647883

Eric Fennell

Software Dev II at uShip Inc.

ID 228701

Jon Wilsdon

Technology Director / Founder of Bouncing Pixel, SMU Guildhall Graduate, Strong Web Programming and Video Games background

ID 750897

Daryl Cooke

Oregon State University, Student graduating Dec '15.

ID 151845

Rick Cockerham

Founder @pocket-knife-software. Programming since he was eight. Written custom software for companies from 1 to 20,000 employees for over 17 years.

ID 440771

Luke Wendling

Full Stack Dev Lead and Application Architect with a knack for learning anything and building startup teams. API designer and creator of

ID 483104

Davis Martin

Electrical engineer and full stack web developer .

ID 481958

James Ray Anderson

A Swiss Army Knife for software development and technology.

ID 706397

Ryan Sherlock

Product Lead & Software Engineer

ID 528760

Kyle Boyd

Product Development Engineer at AMD. Strong in software and automation. Worked at Microsoft, Boston Scientific.

ID 670317

Amelia Bakameyer

MakerSquare graduate looking to get into the industry

ID 811969

Brian Wigginton

A Full Stack Software Developer in Austin, TX with natural leadership ability. Personable, professional and passionate about delivering software that matters.

ID 722229

Mihir Hulikal

Business-Technology Specialist; Entrepreneurship Consultant

ID 530634

George Currie

Principal/Lead Software Engineer or Software Team Lead with a wide breadth of knowledge from UX/UI Design to high performance close to the metal computing.

ID 677193

Matthew Walsh

Full stack developer

ID 369012

Britney Jo Ludkowski

Junior Developer/Designer, General Assembly Graduate, Freelance Designer, previously Marketing Coordinator at XO Communications.

ID 645091

Barrett Stutzman

Ruby on Rails Fullstack & MEAN Stack Developer. Accounting/Finance Background.

ID 456833

Pedram Amini


Software developer, reverse engineer, entrepreneur, fan of dogs, and most recently founder of acquired by Avast in 2013.

ID 833743

Jayarama Marks

Founder and CEO - Canopy, Inc. Chief Editor - Rays of The Harmonist Editorial Board Member - GVP International

ID 230153

Matthew Adams

Pragmatic business software guy specializing in middle tier and down; primarily Java+Spring+ORM; expert group member for JDO & JPA; anti-ivory-tower architect.

ID 597147

Jack Lu

experienced software engineer

ID 79321

Rahul Malik

CEO at Strong engineering background. MS from IIT,Chicago and BTECH from GGSIPU, Delhi. Worked at AMD and Philips.

ID 518130

Tim Robertson

Founder @currently-unnamed • Worked at @ibm, @netspend • Studied at @san-jose-state-university, @new-mexico-state-university

ID 216179

Luveen Rupchand Wadhwani

Developer at Bazaarvoice. Worked at T-Mobile. Strong experience and interest in big data and visualization

ID 522112

Meghan Austin

SMU Math(B.Sc), Physics(minor). Software Developer. Heavy interest in android development. Legacy Enterprise Web App experience.

ID 426687

Peter McDowell

Cyber-security at GM IT, ready to learn and work hard

ID 381958

Justin Blaisdell

Freelance full stack web developer and MakerSquare graduate. Co-founder of 5th Cinema.

ID 418472

Kacy Hulme

Ruby on Rails Developer with an unlikely professional past including a career as an actress, vegan food writer and accountant.

ID 236933

Josh Szepietowski

Worked at @intific, @kingsisle-entertainment • Studied at @southern-methodist-university

ID 131389

John McIntosh

Freelance iOS developer. Worked at National Instruments. Computer Engineering / Business at Auburn University.

ID 166341

Dewi Morgan

Founder @morganalley-ltd • Worked at @dragon-s-eye-productions-llc, @concentric-networks • Studied at @university-of-bradford

ID 417984

Travis Brodeen

Austin based CEO/CTO - 18 years Enterprise IT - Led previous company to #21 - Inc 500 (2011) - Has closed $10M VC (2001) - Consulted over 100 Fortune 500

ID 426848

Steve Meyer

Entrepreneur experienced as CEO, CTO and CMO. Boot-strapped multiple startups in B2B enterprise software and B2C eCommerce markets. Strong technical leadership.

ID 488656

Thomas Burnett

23+ years developing in C/C++. Experienced with 2D/3D, point-cloud and light-field rendering in OpenGL, imaging processing, Kinect, OpenCV, PCL, game dev.

ID 322009

Andy Nguyen

Django / Python enthusiast, product strategist, polymath

ID 139540

Bain Mullins

Founder @roommatch • Studied at @texas-a-m-university

ID 488191

Walter Moreira

Software Engineer and Mathematician

ID 158298

Logan Lindquist

Developed CMS for NASA shuttle missions; Organizer of Austin PHP @meetup; and PHP Application development for and

ID 387797

Jason Hatchett

Java Inclined Recent Grad looking to expand skills and help create something game-changing.

ID 574099

Taylor Bullard

Renaissance man - How can I help you?

ID 339728

Ryan McDermott

Developer at Stardition and Ryansworks

ID 656025

George D. Hamilton

Orchestrator of machines

ID 723294

Jeremy Warren

MakerSquare graduate, full-stack web developer. Industrial Engineer from Texas A&M University.

ID 127293

Chun Wang

Full stack developer, great passion working at Startups.

ID 527240

Dwayne Vogler

Microsoft Certified Professional with 5 years product development as a consultant. Proven ability to rapidly familiarize with new Technologies

ID 504037

Andrey Krokhin

Experienced C/C++ Software Engineer

ID 505735

Mohammed Khalilia

PhD computer science with focus on machine learning, natural language processing, health informatics. Enjoys data analysis, mathematics and programming.

ID 357778

Jeremy Davis

Marketing Campaign Strategist, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Publisher, Video Editor, Writer

ID 198426

John Mills

OpenMarket: lead development of the Global MMS Messaging Service (SaaS) full H/A and geo redundant

ID 210583

Alex Kharbush

Object Oriented Programing, Dynamic Web Page design, Database Work, QA Automation testing. Methodical approach to solving problems.

ID 494713

Lucas Cooper

Just a developer who would rather be solving problems than taking long walks on the beach.

ID 368447

Rex Posadas

CS background, Over 12 years of experience, Fulltime Go developer.

ID 569715

Natalia Rodriguez

Soutwestern CS, English, and Business A Hacker and Journalist by trade

ID 261288

Fredrick Gabelmann

ASU Masters of Science in Engineering, expert mobile architect, agile/DevOps expert; expert at getting under performing projects into kick-ass shape.

ID 694372

Adam Cammack

Founder and CTO of @ziqqu • Open source hacker • Software Developer @lin-digital • Studied CS @baylor-university-1.

ID 314922

Parker Ferguson

Technology, Strategy, Operations, Music

ID 538599

Jimmy Mooney

Full-stack web development, iOS development and IT administration. Experience of building a web development startup AND taking a company public (NASDAQ:BV)

ID 217301


Software engineer with a penchant for data analysis and visualization. Proficient in C#. Varied experience with the .NET stack. Ever thirsty to learn.

ID 372701

Neeraj Munshi

4 years of professional experience in BI reporting & analytics, Business analysis and Pre-sales;Certified IBM Cognos Report Designer with expertise in SCM

ID 522896

Ravi Karanam

Lead Developer

ID 788288

Carl Scogland

Software Engineer looking for Telecommute opportunities

ID 582690

Kathryn Beaty

MakerSquare graduate. Full stack web developer looking for a fantastic opportunity. Editorial and writing background.

ID 313924

Nathan Bass

Electronic enthusiast (comp tech since 11) with an affinity for C. Entirely self taught, primarily versed in LPMUDs but trying to do more GL related.

ID 837367

Jeff Laney

Experienced group manager with ability to determine individual strengths and set strategic vision to drive software product development with a customer focus.

ID 155039

Rick Vasquez

Hands-on Technical Product and Strategy executive.

ID 83262

Bryan Goines 

"Polyglot" Software Engineer specialized in Rails, jQuery / Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, and much more.

ID 551176

Marty Saxton

Hands on Technical Leader

ID 432512

Carlos Balderas

Software Engineer @recommenu , ResearchAssistant/Developer at Center for Transportation Research, Student @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 622927

Scott Schulte

Lead developer of manufacturing and analysis system. Helps users use data to make decisions, automate the mundane, merge data sources and clarify the obscure.

ID 350471

Nick Gallardo

Maker of technology-related things @ticketcity by day. Aspiringly journeyman furniture maker by night.

ID 361561

Brian Saghy

RIT CE, Several Internships and 7 years of experience in software dev testing processors at AMD

ID 557928

Andrew Kunzel

Data Architect for Business Intelligence Reporting initiative. Experienced developer in SSIS/SQL Server/Microstrategy

ID 563552

Renuka Rajan

Master's in CS. Excited about EdTech. Have lots of innovative ideas. Currently working with a nonprofit in Austin to further STEM ed.

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