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ID 721644

Amanda Strickler

Data analysis, machine learning, software engineering, python enthusiast, University of Maryland CS.

ID 514050

Xihan Liu

McCombs, Business Analytics, Data science, decision science, Economics, quantitative, enterpeneur

ID 160133

Allen Rohner

Founder, CTO, @circle-4. Machine Learning background. Clojure contributor. 2nd time entrepreneur. Tech Lead of 4 products and 30 engineers @crossroads-systems .

ID 96570

Srini Kadamati

UT Austin Math/CS, Developer & Product person, Love for AI & NLP, interested in Education, Energy, & Healthcare, huge Data nerd

ID 6618

Wesley Tansey

CS PhD student at UT Austin; Machine learning for health; Worked at Google; Co-founded 2 startups.

ID 241954

Sean Welleck

Penn CS Master's student; Interested in AI, Machine Learning, Functional Programming; Interned at IBM and Citi.

ID 119029

Jason Baldridge

Assoc. Prof., Computational Linguistics, UT Austin. Senior Data Scientist, Converseon. OpenNLP developer. Scala, Java, R, and Python programmer.

ID 502804

Andrew Krueger

Just finished MakerSquare and am now pursuing full-stack web development with an eye towards data science and geographic data/analysis.

ID 503993

Belinda Bennett

Senior Data Analyst at; Data Enthusiast

ID 329115

Jon Hanks

Product Manager - Former: Game and Web Developer, Web Marketer, Data Scientist - Studied: MBA @university-of-texas-at-austin-1 Comp. Sci and Math @virginia-tech

ID 641974

Daniel Ruiz

Data scientist with a background in stats, behavioral economics and comp sci to harness large and disparate data sets that lead to effective business insights.

ID 873538

Ilia Semenov

Carnegie Mellon - Master of Information Systems Management. Focused on Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, love to turn the data into actionable insights.

ID 580440

Samuel Forman

university of Arizona CS/IS im all about the data and making it work for you.

ID 495766

Kaleb Fulgham

Engineering Lead at @favor. Focus on Front-end JavaScript. Love God. Love People. Love Coffee.

ID 764867

Justin Stringer

Java Batch Processing Expert

ID 238435

Tyler Davis

Obj C debugger @howmuch; workforce data analyst @USAirForce; Studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science @FloridaStateUniversity;

ID 3616

Mason Arnold


Serial Entrepreneur, Sustainability & Organic nut, trying to change the world

ID 348258

Marian Nodine

Ph.D. Computer Scientist with broad research experience in multiple areas including big data, machine learning, agent systems, and knowledge management.

ID 568015

Mario Guerrero III

You can usually find me in the crossroads of profit, adventure, quantitative analysis, sports, thought-provoking conversation and one-liner jokes.

ID 59493

Sidharth Garg

Founder of @stand-up-apps. Data analyst and iOS developer. Worked at Facebook and Intel.

ID 490913

Rachael Gilbert

Studied @georgetown-university and @university-of-brussels, finishing a PhD @the-university-of-texas-at-austin-1. Experienced in data analytics and language.

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 441748

Patrick Heney

Seeking entry to mid level software development position. Diverse experience ranges simulations, networking, machine learning, CG animation, mobile and game dev

ID 217301


Software engineer with a penchant for data analysis and visualization. Proficient in C#. Varied experience with the .NET stack. Ever thirsty to learn.

ID 454643

Zachary Chetchavat

Data Analyst with strong MySQL background. Eager to use Python and Web Development languages in practice. Highly capable and adaptive learner.

ID 420840

Christopher Sayson

Bootstrapped Polysil America and bootstrapping MuseQuip. Keen eye for opportunity and problem solving.

ID 517035

Andrew Brown

Trained marketer, experienced researcher, data analyst & designer. Worked for Tata, Electronic Arts, Universal and Visa.

ID 867431

Kristen Cetin, P.E., LEED AP

PhD engineering student at UT Austin, Texas Venture Labs Associate, building data analytics research, NSF IGERT Fellow; 

ID 100151

David Yakobovitch

Data Scientist at ADP, Special Projects. Strong business background (Deutsche Bank, Citi, Aflac). B.S. Finance/Stats. Hackathon veteran. PM/Biz Dev.

ID 782370

Todd Goodall

PhD student at UT Austin; Image/Video Processing, Computer Vision

ID 716731

Bradley Lide

Dynamic, creative problem solver with diverse background in sales, data analysis, research, education, and psychology seeking to improve educational outcomes.

ID 453281

Daniel Mahler

Worked at @bazaarvoice, @google

ID 571649

Sarah Kempa

UX designer and product enthusiast. 2012 U-Mich grad.

ID 505735

Mohammed Khalilia

PhD computer science with focus on machine learning, natural language processing, health informatics. Enjoys data analysis, mathematics and programming.

ID 386569

Connor White

Successful Data Analyst/Individual Contributor | Comfortable working in ambiguity | Quick Learner | Self Starter

ID 557928

Andrew Kunzel

Data Architect for Business Intelligence Reporting initiative. Experienced developer in SSIS/SQL Server/Microstrategy

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