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ID 382685

Allen Torng

Co-founder @Cryoocyte | Patent Attorney @Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner

ID 581712

Aaron Terwey

startup attorney; ambassador @the-dallas-entrepreneur-center

ID 211233


Attorney & Entrepreneur. Founder @capitalready, @RamLawFirm and @fundgreenhouse • Studied at @stanford-university & @StMarysU

ID 95997

Kyle Robertson

Engineer / IP Attorney / Entrepreneur. Founder @narrativedx & @icare. Advisor @nastraq. Attorney for @apple & @amazon. C++ @national-instruments.

ID 5670

Evan Kastner

Partner at leading technology and emerging growth focused firm in Austin

ID 563041

Le Tran

Worked at @corsa-ventures • Studied at @stanford-university, @yale-law-school

ID 54877

Matt Lyons


Partner at Andrews Kurth LLP

ID 294919

Frankie Arvelo

Texas MBA, Product Management, Penn Law Attorney, Goldman Sachs, Value Adder looking for a Game Changing Company to Join

ID 1605

John Michael Davis

Founder @kambit • CPA • Worked at @ernst-young • Studied at @university-of-arkansas • Masters of Accountancy • BSBA Accounting and Finance

ID 692024

Bradley Coburn

Founder Denko Coburn Lauff LLP • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-texas-school-of-law

ID 684015

Lemuel Anaejionu

Entrepreneur at heart. Big Law trained, but not tamed.

ID 215152

Park Silkenson

Ex-lawyer learning to program. I studied at Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco in the Spring of 2013, and I'm continuing self-study now that I'm back in Austin.

ID 5104

Paul Huggins

Partner at KHRG

ID 96867

Josh Rickel

VP, Media & Entertainment, Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance), adventurer, technophile, gear junkie, mass media glutton, photographer, and foodie

ID 173201

Kevin Tully

Founder @moniker-guitars

ID 12617

Chris Murphy

Co-founder Founder - @Locogno. Business and tech background with @accenture and @motive. Exits with @motive (IPO) & @reliant-data-systems (sale).

ID 170064

José Ancer

Tech & VC Lawyer, CTO @ MEMN - JD @harvard-law-school

ID 670088

Tom Nelson

Corporate & M&A partner @ MEMN. Former partner @ Brobeck, Patton Boggs.

ID 399877

Jamie Pruitt

Business and Intellectual Property Attorney looking for dynamic startup to work with full time.

ID 592699

Matthew Rigney

Writer, lawyer, problem solver seeking a collaborative and transparent work environment.

ID 614247

Garrett Boyle

Recent law graduate looking for startup work

ID 205031

Bradley B. Clark

Co-Founder @lawful-ly | Shareholder | TX Rising Star: Business (top 2.5% under 40) | Fellow: @txbforg (top 1/3 of 1% of Texas Attorneys)

ID 476897

John Adolph

Founder @GetParqer | Attorney @BGLLP

ID 789106

Chris Jones

Creative Problem Solver Seeks New Challenge

ID 449669

Richard Magness

Austin-based UI/UX designer, technologist, and attorney. I specialize in special products for the web and mobile.

ID 743663

Whitney MACK

Attorney at National Law Firm. Taken over seventy depositions. Trial experience. Argued multiple dispositive motions in central Texas.

ID 459364

Robert Kleinman

Attorney at Virtuix. Common sense legal counselor and intellectual property litigator.

ID 725313

Bryon Boyer

General Counsel for ReferMe, former tax and deal counsel for Hewlett-Packard and ExxonMobil. Private Equity and Hedge Fund creation, taxation and operation.

ID 274806

Raúl Calvoz

VP Travelocity Europe, Exec Committee Member 3M. Founding Partner at @napkinventure. JD. MBA.

ID 54997

John Dorsey


Attorney at Strasburger & Price, LLP

ID 772583

Jason Spiegel

Entrepreneurial law grad looking to help with business growth and development.

ID 755403

Brad Gold

Entrepreneurial Corporate Counsel; Opened & operated fashion design, heavy industry manufacturing, and marketing companies across North America & UK

ID 593569

Daniel Braun

Attorney skilled in customer relationships and technology.

ID 252603

aaron snyder

Founder @domain-oms • Studied at @american-university, @syracuse-university-college-of-law

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