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ID 885727

Jeri Saper

COO in charge of client service, DB content and QC. 5th start-up. Founded and exited 2 digital marketing firms; owns successful Jazzercise franchise, 24th year.

ID 277216

Rushton McGarr

President & COO of and Founder @market-force-information • Worked at @dell • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill

ID 87013

Chris Voigt

ID 804884

Lisa Corless

ID 52086

Shuja Rahman

Founder @Mzines Digital. Worked at @amazon • Studied at @chicago booth.

ID 541096

Carson Krieg

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pivot Freight | Techstars Austin 2014

ID 843002

Mark Thorsen

Founder New Crew

ID 458859

Jeremy Strauser

Advisor @toochill-games • Founder @bee-cave-games • Worked at @zynga, @electronic-arts • Studied at @george-washington-university

ID 270148

Alex Pritchett

COO & Co-Founder of @upswing. Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and education.

ID 33741

Sebastian Hassinger

COO @brewbot, shipping the robots that make the beer. MBA @columbia-university & @london-business-school School, Startup advisor, product strategist

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